Business and Education in Syracuse, NY

Preville Technology Services provides technical services to businesses and universities in the Syracuse area.

Syracuse sits at the intersection of US Interstates 81 and 90. But, before the interstates were built, Syracuse was accessible via the Rail system and Erie Canal. The Solvay Process Company brought industry and jobs to the Syracuse and Solvay area in the late 19th Century. Many colleges and universities grew in the area including SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, SUNY Upstate Medical University and the well-known Syracuse University.

Preville Technology Services (PTS) is proud to offer services to the businesses and universities in the Syracuse area. Read on below to see the services that Preville offers in Syracuse and Onondaga County.


3d Scanning Services in Syracuse

PTS offers 3D scanning services in Syracuse, NY for any application. We help businesses and universities in the County of Onondaga. With portable 3D metrology scanners we can scan items and create accurate 3d renderings for you. Send your parts to us or we can come on site to scan your items. Either way, you’ll end up with professional 3-dimensional CAD models of your item.

reverse engineering

Use 3D scans to reverse engineer parts

3d scanning services in albany ny by preville tech

quality control

Improve quality and tighten tolerances with accurate laser scanning technology

part reconstruction

Have obsolete components that need to be repaired or replaced? Our 3d scans will help.


Develop faster prototypes with 3d scanned drawings

3d parts scanning to cad drawing in albany ny

industrial design

Improve design and form function with 3d scans

3d modeling

PTS can create solid or mesh models in popular CAD programs

Or, watch 3D video real-time with 4D scanning

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