PTS is proud to offer 3D scanning services for all applications. Our 3D metrology scanners can quickly and accurately scan parts to create 3d drawings. Send your part to our Albany, NY location and we’ll send you back a 3-dimensional CAD model of your item. Or, our trained, professional technicians can bring our high precision portable scanners to your location and scan your items right on site.

reverse engineering

Troubleshoot equipment problems and improve functionality

3d parts scanning to cad drawing in albany ny

part reconstruction

Scan parts for repairing or replacing obsolete components

quality control

Verify tolerances and test wear on equipment and components with accurate laser scanning technology

3d modeling

Create solid and mesh 3D models in popular CAD programs or watch 3D video real-time

industrial design

Improve design and form function with professional scanned images


High resolution scanning to assist with design and development of prototypes

3d scanning services in albany ny by preville tech


With 3d scanning you can reduce the time and expense associated with manually measuring and creating CAD drawings.

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