Business and Innovation in Boston, MA

Preville Technology Services provides technical services in Boston, Massachusetts, one of the oldest cities in the United States.

As the largest city in the commonwealth of Massachusetts, Boston is a hub of commerce, trade, immigration and scientific research. 

The Greater Boston area is home to many colleges and universities. Along the Charles River and in Cambridge you’ll find HarvardMIT and Tufts. In addition, the area is home to Northeastern, Boston College, Boston University, and more. With over 100 colleges and universities in the area Boston is truly a hub for education and research.

As it turns out, Boston also is a center for innovation and entrepreneurship. In 2016, Boston was ranked #1 in a study on how prepared US cities were for the digital economy and technical revolution. In other words, the area welcomes and helps support startups.

Boston is home to many sports teams including the Red Sox, Sabres, Celtics, New England Patriots and more.

Preville Technology Services (PTS) is happy to make the following services available to the businesses, colleges and startups in the Greater Boston area.

Greater Boston Area

3d Scanning Services in Boston

PTS provides 3D scanning services in Boston, MA and surrounding areas. Our trained technicians can bring our portable 3D metrology scanners to your place of business to scan your item and provide a high quality 3-dimensional CAD drawing or model. Or, if it’s easier, simply mail your item to us. We’ll scan it and send it back with your 3d models.

3d modeling

Create solid or mesh models; Or see your object in real time with 4D scanning

reverse engineering

Use 3d scanning to reverse engineer parts; Perfect for replacing obsolete components

3d scanning services in albany ny by preville tech

quality control

tighten tolerances and improve quality with accurate laser scanning technology


3d scanning can help build faster prototypes

3d parts scanning to cad drawing in albany ny

industrial design

Developing a new item for your business or startup? Use 3d modeling to help design a part that’s functional and attractive

part reconstruction

3d modeling helps with part reconstruction and resolves issues related to obsolenscence

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    3d scanning services by pts in boston area