Plattsburgh, A Military and Industrial Force

Preville Technology Services provides 3d scanning services in Plattsburgh, NY, the Adirondack and North Country Regions. Just northeast of the Adirondack Park boundary lies the city of Plattsburgh. After Watertown, Plattsburgh is the 2nd largest city in New York’s North Country. The Battle of Plattsburgh was a key victory in ending The War of 1812. The region became a strong military region. During the 1990s the military air force base was converted to an airport, helping to drive the economic development in the region. (For an interesting read on the spelling of Plattsburgh, or Plattsburg, check out the Wikipedia page.) Preville Technology Services (PTS) is proud to support the industry in and around the Plattsburgh region. The area is home to many industrial plants that manufacture rail cars, buses and components for the aerospace industry.

Plattsburgh, NY
In the Heart of the North Country

3d Scanning Services in Plattsburgh

PTS provides 3D scanning services in Plattsburgh, NY and the North Country. Our trained technicians will bring our portable 3D metrology scanners to scan your item and generate CAD models for your use. Or, send your part to us and we’ll send it back with the files.

3d modeling

High quality metrology scanners provide solid or mesh 3d or 4d models

3d scanning services in albany ny by preville tech

reverse engineering

Reverse engineer parts or items with the help of our 3d scanned drawings

quality control

Tighten tolerances and improve quality control with the help of our 3 dimensional scanned drawings


3d scans can help with product or part prototyping

part reconstruction

Replacing obsolete components is no longer an issue with 3d scanning technology

industrial design

Design your item for form and function

3d parts scanning to cad drawing in albany ny

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